AC UK Conference 2016

Thursday 1st September 2016 | King's College London

We all operate in many different systems. Coaches coach within systems.

Human beings live and work within systems. We are a system!

This conference brings together different strands of thought around how we can recognise and operate better within our systems.

Some sessions are theory based while others are playful and experiential.

Whichever field you work in, and whatever your coaching practice focuses on, you will hear thought provoking speakers and gain new perspectives to take back into your practice that will enable you to make changes in your system.

Areas to be explored include:

  • Brains and bodies
  • Allowing creativity in a complex organisation
  • Systems leadership in the public sector
  • Drama as a lens to create different outcomes
  • Wicked problems
  • Coaching contracting in complex systems

Different approaches to freeing up stuck systems:

  • Relational
  • Constellations
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Gestalt and Transactional Analysis